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Unlocking Opportunities: Shirley Parsons HSEQ Ex-Pat Scheme

  • Publish Date: Posted 5 months ago
  • Author:by Joseph Sissons

At Shirley Parsons, leaders in Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality (HSEQ) recruitment worldwide, we delved into the aspirations of HSEQ professionals through a recent poll on LinkedIn. The standout revelation? Out of a total of 522 voters, 64% chose Australia as the dream job location, captivating professionals seeking a sun-soaked career Down Under.


Sunshine, Beaches, and More: Australia's Physical Allure

The timing of our poll during the dreary January winter in the United Kingdom and Europe likely played a role in the overwhelming preference for Australia. The mere thought of swapping grey skies for an Australian summer, characterised by sun-soaked beaches and warmer winters, is undoubtedly a compelling prospect.

Beyond the weather, Australia's allure lies in its physical attributes. With over 25,000 kilometres of stunning coastlines, cosmopolitan cities, and a strategic location providing easy access to the Asia Pacific market, Australia boasts an environment that seamlessly blends work and lifestyle.


People, Culture, and Opportunities: Australia's Winning Combination

Australia's people, known for their friendliness and welcoming nature, contribute significantly to the country's appeal.

From a market perspective, the statistics are equally compelling. Australia is witnessing substantial government investments, with a reported 20% increase in funding for roads, transport, IT infrastructure, and green energy projects. These ambitious plans are translating into a surge in employment opportunities, particularly in the HSEQ sector. Despite its vast geographical size, Australia's population size is insufficient to fully support the burgeoning opportunities, creating a thriving job market.


Regulations and Occupational Health: A Standout Advantage for HSEQ Professionals

On the HSEQ front, Australia boasts some of the world's most forward-thinking regulations. The regulations place a significant emphasis on occupational health, elevating the industry and fostering a conscious approach among employers.

So the breaking news for aspiring ex-pats: the Australian government has relaxed entry requirements and increased the age limit for the 417 working holiday visa, making the Australian dream more attainable than ever before. Now is the perfect time to make the move!


Shirley Parsons HSEQ Ex-Pat Scheme: A Gateway to Your Australian Career

Excitingly, Shirley Parsons is thrilled to announce the launch of our HSEQ Ex-Pat Scheme. This initiative aims to enrich the Australian market with top-tier talent from overseas, aligning with the growing demand for skilled professionals.

Join us in making your mark in the land Down Under, where career aspirations align with vibrant cultures, thriving industries, and a sun-kissed lifestyle. The Australian adventure awaits, and with Shirley Parsons, your journey to professional success has never been more promising.

To be considered for the Shirley Parsons HSEQ Ex-Pat Scheme, you must be eligible for the Working Holiday (417) Visa. Once you have confirmed your eligibility on the government website, please send an email with your CV attached to

**Please note we are unable to provide detailed advice on visa requirements and applications. For more information, refer to the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs.