Sustainability, Safety, and Quality in Australia and New Zealand

At Shirley Parsons, our mission is to contribute to the creation of a safer, more sustainable, and prosperous world. We work closely with organisations, collaborating to address health, safety, environmental, and sustainability challenges while tailoring our services to help them achieve their unique sustainability goals.

With years of experience, we have built a strong global network of highly skilled professionals in sustainability, safety, and quality. This network enables us to effectively meet our clients' needs in all the markets we serve, including Australia and New Zealand.

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Sustainability, Safety, and Quality in Australia and New Zealand

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We value individuals who share our values and vision, creating a work environment that fosters success, personal growth, and employee happiness. Striving for excellence in all aspects of our work, we consistently support our team members as they collaborate towards common goals.

Our workplace cultivates an exceptional atmosphere where individuals can progress based on their performance, abilities, and career aspirations. We promote a culture of recognition and development, offering ample opportunities for our employees to grow and thrive.

Together, let us continue to exemplify sustainability, safety, and quality as we lead the way in Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.

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Shirley Parsons Team

  • Duncan Cooke

    Duncan Cooke

    Regional Lead

  • Tim Melvin

    Tim Melvin

    Director & Co -Founder

  • Ben Evans

    Ben Evans

    Global Development Manager

  • Miranda Jane Taylor

    Miranda Jane Taylor

    ANZ Renewable Energy Advisor

  • Joseph Sissons

    Joseph Sissons

    Head of Client Services

  • Georgie Ramsdale

    Georgie Ramsdale

    Head of Search

  • Hannah Martinez

    Hannah Martinez

    Recruitment Consultant