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QHSE Partnership Drives Success in Global Wind Turbine Projects

  • Publish Date: Posted 10 months ago

Talent in Offshore Wind: Building a Skilled Workforce for Sustainable Energy

For over a decade, Shirley Parsons has been at the forefront of managing Quality & HSE for wind turbine installations worldwide. Our client, a leading player in offshore wind and a top contender in the onshore market, has relied on our expertise since 2010.


As the wind energy market experienced rapid growth, our client needed a partner capable of delivering Quality & HSE services across an expanding global portfolio. It was essential to comply with local labor laws as new untapped markets emerged. Our partnership had to adapt and evolve alongside the growing global market, with a strategic focus on utilizing local, cost-effective labor. However, quality couldn't be compromised, necessitating a solution that involved identifying, training, and developing global talent in Quality & HSE.


Shirley Parsons seamlessly integrated our account team with our client's lead QHSE manning coordinators for offshore and onshore projects. This collaboration ensured proactive management of project requirements. Shirley Parsons pre-approved resources, ready to deploy when projects commenced. Our resources worked side by side with the client's team, participating in multiple projects over the years to capture and retain company-wide improvements. Compliance with local labor laws remained a priority, with Shirley Parsons mitigating our client's risk in this area. We employed internal compliance experts and sought external advisors to ensure 100% compliance. To further support our efforts, we established country entities in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, the USA, and Taiwan.

Shirley Parsons engaged key stakeholders in procurement, projects, and QHSE to implement a 'local-global' strategy. By acting as a local partner in key territories, we provided in-country resources, minimizing travel and accommodation costs. To ensure the availability of high-caliber local resources, we initiated a comprehensive training and development program led by an in-house Technical Director. This program, guided by experienced mentors from Shirley Parsons' resource pool, ensured GWO certification while offering hands-on training on live projects.


  • Our client benefits from timely access to the right people, minimizing management overheads and project delays. Shirley Parsons takes care of significant aspects of training and travel administration, effectively outsourcing these tasks.

  • Our client can confidently enter and expand into new markets, knowing that we can identify and develop local QHSE resources to support their project pipeline.

  • Our partnership significantly reduces or eliminates our client's liability and risk associated with non-compliance of local labor laws.

  • Shirley Parsons' expanded pool of highly skilled resources and the creation of localized talent pools in key geographic markets result in cost reductions.

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